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Successful Marketing Strategies … Made Easy

Confused about how to put together winning marketing strategies to grow your business?

Or maybe you just seem to have too many marketing options and don’t know how to prioritize them?

Marketing Strategies Blog

  • Dec 11, Holiday Marketing Tip – Send Holiday Greeting CardsIt’s not too late to send out holiday greeting cards or calendars to your customers and prospects. It’s a great way to keep your brand in their mind. And right now, PsPrint is offering up to 60 off on holiday printing: greeting cards, stickers, calendars, postcards and more. Make it…
  • Nov 7, Writing a Marketing Plan for Your BusinessWhat are the main items your marketing plan should include? First, make sure it aligns with business goals and strategy. Then use these easy steps to write your marketing plan.
  • Nov 7, Marketing Plan Format GuidelinesFollow these marketing plan format guidelines to put together a marketing plan outline that will deliver successful marketing strategies to drive your business to the next level.

Wish you could find some easy-to-use marketing plan guides, tools and templates to easily make your marketing efforts as effective as they can be while not breaking the bank?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Building successful marketing strategies doesn’t need to be difficult. Based on my personal experiences of over a decade in Fortune100 corporate marketing management roles, building my own small business, and working with business clients both large and small, I’ll show you how it can be as easy as 1-2-3 to have a winning marketing plan with some effective how-to information, tools and templates.

Bottom line: marketing is not about throwing some messaging out there and hoping it will stick. Your full marketing mix must be driven by, and inform, your business goals and strategies. We’ll show you how:

Marketing Strategies Blog
This blog provides tips and advice on developing and implementing successful marketing strategies, as well as updates to the Easy-Marketing-Strategies.com website.

Marketing in a Recession: Top Tips
Top tips for marketing in a recession. What are the best marketing strategies for surviving the recession? How can you grow market share with recession marketing? These tips will help you thrive.

Marketing Strategy Planning: Developing a Marketing Strategy
Follow these easy steps to optimize your marketing strategy planning. This will help you write a marketing strategy that will drive sales and grow your business without costing a fortune.

Doing a SWOT Analysis to Focus Your Marketing Strategy
A SWOT analysis helps to focus your marketing strategy planning by evaluating your company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This process makes it easy.

Developing Your Marketing Mix: The Four Ps of Marketing
How to easily develop and optimize your marketing mix using the 4 Ps of marketing: Product, Price, Place, Promotion. These four components are the essential elements of your marketing plan.

Writing a Marketing Plan for Your Business
What are the main items your marketing plan should include? First, make sure it aligns with business goals and strategy. Then use these easy steps to write your marketing plan.

Sample Marketing Plan – An Example Plan for Free Download
Here is a sample marketing plan that you can download for free. It will give you some example ideas to use as you write your marketing plan.

Internet Marketing Strategy: Seven Easy Tips
Find out how to plan an internet marketing strategy for your business. There’s so much hype about internet marketing. We make it easy to build a web site marketing strategy that will grow your sales

Developing a Marketing Communication Plan
Your marketing communication plan is how you communicate your marketing messages to your target customers. It is a part of your overall marketing plan. Use these tips for a strong marcom strategy.

Email Marketing Tips
Email marketing tips to offer value and build trust with a qualified, interested list of prospects. Learn how to send emails that are seen as valuable information, not spam, while driving revenue.

Marketing Strategy Articles: a Resource for Easy Marketing Strategies
Our most popular marketing strategy articles to assist you in easily writing and optimizing your marketing strategies for stellar business growth.

Marketing Tips: 100 Powerful Marketing Tips to Boost Your Sales and Visibility
Looking for marketing tips to increase sales and boost the visibility of your small or medium business? Here’s a list of 100 easy marketing ideas to promote your firm, product or service.

Sales and Marketing Training: Learn by Watching a Marketing Video, Sales Video
The best resources for sales and marketing training: watch a marketing video, free online marketing training, or a sales video. These videos make it easy to understand and easy to implement.

Marketing Question and Answer: Get Marketing Help and Advice Here
Find the answer to your marketing question. We provide marketing advice and marketing help for common questions. Or ask your question directly on the website for a quick response.

Recommended Marketing Strategy Resources
These are our recommended marketing strategy resources: excellent sites and tools that will help you build a successful marketing strategy.

Easy Marketing Tips ‘n’ Tools: Subscribe to our Free Marketing Newsletter
“Easy Marketing Tips ‘n’ Tools” is our free biweekly newsletter, offering tips, tools and templates to help build easy marketing strategies. Subscribe now!

About Easy Marketing Strategies
I started Easy Marketing Strategies.com as a resource for information and guidance to help small and medium businesses build winning marketing strategies. See more of our story here.

Contact Easy Marketing Strategies.com
Contact Easy Marketing Strategies.com. We provide information and guidance to help small and medium businesses develop or improve their marketing strategies.

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