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Sales and Marketing Training:
The Best Free Online Marketing Training and Marketing Videos

Sometimes a video really is worth a thousand words. These sales and marketing training videos are the best of the web.

We have done the legwork reviewing hundreds of available training videos and selected these as the best to help you easily understand and easily implement marketing strategies that will drive your business growth.

You can watch them here, or check out the individual review/study guide pages that we will be adding soon. And as we come across excellent new marketing training videos we will add them here. So check back often!

Niche Marketing Video:

This video lecture by marketing guru Seth Godin is a compelling watch simply to better understand the critical role of marketing. See why it is so important to identify a niche customer segment that sees compelling value in your product or service, and hyper-focus your marketing to that audience:

Customer Segmentation Marketing Video:

This training video helps you understand customer segmentation: how to develop a detailed profile of your target customer:

Competitive Analysis Marketing Video:

This training video helps you define your competitive advantage or Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

Pricing Strategy Marketing Video:

This training video is an interview with Reed Holden, author of Pricing with Confidence. He talks about pricing strategies and how discounting is usually not the best strategy: